Game Review: Nantucket

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Pour a glass of rum (I recommend Kraken Black Spiced Rum) and pull up a seat! Today I’m reviewing Nantucket.
Trigger warning: this is a game about whaling. Nothing graphic in the game but the point of the game is hunting whales.

First off this is a spin off of sorts of Moby Dick. You start as Ishmael, you can change the name, and as part of Ahab’s crew. After the events of the book you are on your own quest for vengeance but as you sail and captain your own ship, you begin to question if it is all worth it and if you are cursed.

The first thing I want to point out is that the graphics of the game are great. The majority of the ports have a hand-drawn look and though each port is of similar layout, some ports have more options. This is why it’s good to keep traveling to all ports as much as you can. This can get a bit routine but at the same time you can a lot of coin this way. Also the newspaper from the ports gives you some historic news which is a nice feature. Some papers give you jobs but not all of them will have this option.

The main way to earn money is through quests which includes whaling but there is more to the quests than that. Yes, whaling ans processing blubber into oil is the main income, the quests vary between transporting goods to and from ports and finding lost ships and crew. Your own side quests also take place and this is a continuation of the Moby Dick tale.

How it begins: you are the captain of a sloop with three crewmen you get to pick based on what you think you need and your prestige. As you earn money and level up your and your crew’s skills, your ship improves and soon you can buy larger ships. These range from sloops, schooners, brigs, brigantines, barques and clippers. Each has their own benefits and flaws. All can be improved.
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Bigger ships have cannons because thar be pirates! Yep, pirates that you can fight or bribe. Bribing is easy and not too expensive so that might be the best option throughout. One reason for that is because the pirates and the animals will fight back! You and your men can die! The battle scenes are diced based with your crew skills acting as the dice. It can get frustrating in the earlier levels but as you increase the size of your ship and crew, your whale boats will increase giving you more opportunities. Screenshot (11)Screenshot (12)

In all it is a fairly simple game and less than $19.99 it isn’t a bad option for some quarantine game play. As a historian I enjoy the time setting but I would love for the time to go a bit slower. Just a few hours in and it’s already been fourteen years. That’s a minor thing. Other things I’d like to see in future games like this would be that the interactions were more customization. Many of the dialogue options felt like late 1990’s rpg options. Your crew asks a question and you have two choices. There could be more options to choice from. Your character’s avatar changes as you level up and age but you cannot customize his look at all which kind of sucks but it does change as you age which is cool.

So this game of the Georgian to Victorian time period is a nice way to spend some time and not break the bank. Enjoy it and enjoy the rum that you drink while playing, just remember to ration enough for your crew or they might mutiny!

Nantucket gets 4 out of 5 STARS! starstarstarstar

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