Game Review: Potion Craft

Potion Craft is a new game from Niceplay Games and published by tinyBuild.

You assume the role of an alchemist/herbalist, trying to fulfill the needs of the town with all sorts of aliments. All the while trying to unlock the secrets of the potions and formulas.  

Finding an abandoned house in the outskirts of town, with an enchanted garden, you begin by brewing a simple healing potion. This is sold to a new customer, then you can move on to other formulas. Poisons, fire and frost tonics, light potions, and many more. You take the ingredients from your garden each day, or you purchase from a traveling salesmen. Once these ingredients are in your stock, you can begin brewing.

Adding a little of this can take the potion into various directions, as noted on your potion map. Grind the materials in the mortal to get more out of them or a quick toss into the cauldron to just get the minimum effect. Stir and then heat. Boom! You got a potion.  Watch out for the bones on the map because that will destroy the mixture.

Soon you can work your way up to get more machines to brew more cool stuff. That will take time but having some common recipes or the more complicated ones saved up will help. Experimenting with some to get more effects or another path to a needed potion also helps.

All in all, Potion Craft is a simple but fun game that let’s your imagination do most of the work. It can be tedious with the stirring and adding the same stuff to the potions each time, but discovering a new potion or a stronger one is worth it. Plus the customers coming with different reasons for needing potions will give you a smile at the lightheartedness of the game.

For me, it is one of the better minimalistic style games around. The graphics are beautiful with a medieval feeling to them. The music gives off that same vibe and isn’t distracting. It is very well thought out and gets the creativity flowing.

5 out of 5!


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