Game Review: Crusader Kings III

The time has come to dive into another gme review! This time I am playing Crusader Kings III from Paradox.

A sequel to the classic series, you assume the role of a noble in medieval Europe. What noble is entirely up to you, and in this game, it is very much up to you! Now you are able to design your own character, much like RPG games. Male, female, several orientation options, height, weight, and different traits. I created my character and of course he had a big ol’ beard. I took on the role of the Norman Duke of Sicily in 1066.

Keeping my focus on gaining wealth and prestige, it wasn’t long before I was able to establish the Duchy of Sicily, which soon became the Kingdom of Sicily. Though, a few counties were missing and annexing them would cause a war. Crusades are going on, and some of my vassals joined, but I didn’t. Don’t agree with the needless wars.

Yet, that is part of the game. The vassals in some kingdoms remain relatively independent and free to do their own thing. That is a fairly realistic representation of the court and noble life in Europe during the middle ages. In that way, this game does a great job of depicting the difficult aspect of diplomacy of the time. It was a thin line to walk, and not walking it well could hae deadly consequences. My first in game wife, was a victim of someone’s plot. Anything thing to look out for, the court intrigue that could leave people dead or imprisoned.

Your council is there to help out but be careful that you don’t load up your council with favorites. You NEED people that have skills. Your goal is to survive, thrive, and build a legacy. Your family name and their future are built from day one. That is why playing the game of medieval diplomacy is so important.

Graphically CK III is much more visual than the second game and feels more interactive, as well. What sets this game apart from other similar games is the ease of play right from the beginning. Like other Paradox games, you can pause it to stop the game down and work through a scenario. You can also speed it up or slow it down and then play at your own pace.

In all, I can’t say much negative about CK III. There is the more difficult scenarios where you’re stacked up against heavy odds, and your levies are not showing up as much as your enemy’s. I would have loved to have more control over vassals, but that will come with more diplomacy.

Overall, I have to say Crusader Kings III is a 5 out of 5!


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