Book Review: A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent (The Lady Trent Memoirs, 1)

This was a wonderful read. I’ve been wanting to read it for some time but never bought it until recently. A Natural History of Dragons: A Memoir by Lady Trent was in my TBR for over 4 years….4 years!

I’m sorry I took so long. Isabella is a fascinating character and wonderfully written. Her first adventures within A Natural History of Dragons are fun, exciting and sometimes edge of your seat.

The Victorian setting in a fantasy world is brilliant! Just brilliant! Brennan molds the two in a way that few could do successfully and holds true to what we have come to expect in Victorian style. Lords, Ladies and the manners that went along with them are all present and wonderfully presented.

The supporting characters felt more like MCs than support and that helped to paint a broader picture of the story. While this is a story with a happy ending, it isn’t without sadness. That part hurt too, but as an adventure unfolds, danger around every rock, things can go wrong. Brennan didn’t dwell on the sadness but made something of a triumph with it. It will be great to read how Isabella’s career plays out and she becomes the world’s preeminent dragon naturalist.

As a father of 2 daughters, I really appreciated how Isabella began her journey. She explored and then hit a low point where she didn’t explore. However, her father help her find a way to explore again (although, he helped that low point begin). There is a fine line for parents where we want to protect our children and let them go off and make mistakes. Isabella needed to experience her life as she did so that she can grow. I enjoyed reading about her emotions during all of it. Gaining the understanding of someone that is wanting to learn and see but unable to do so. Very eye opening.

While the story is amazing and the adventures are fun and tense at the same time, there was one drawback I felt. I would have liked more dragon info but for the first book and one meant to be an adventure memoir rather than a textbook, this had a good intro into the subject.

I’ve recommended this book to my teenage daughter to read (the youngest can read it in a few years) and I’d recommend it to anyone else.
I will be continuing the series asap!


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