Tavern is a new take on Orcs! – Tavern Review

Tavern by Deston J Munden is a new take on orcs!
Xel is a complex, competent and mysterious orc. The crafty tavern owner and mercenary captain has many talents and Deston does a wonderful job in building a world around a new direction that is orc centered.

Orc lovers, there are many of us, will love Xel and his band. An orc who is just as comfortable in a royal court as he is with highwaymen and thugs. At times the complex storytelling might bog the story down or slow down the pace but that fixes itself as you read on with some action packed excitement. Xel’s wit is a charming addition to the story and his personality brings a relatable character for many readers.

Deston’s skills as a writer shows through the complex narrative that weaves in a modern flare for wordplay into a medieval world. What he shows the reader is that not all fantasy has to be set in a Tolkien or Martin narrative. Though, Deston does create a world just as imaginative as their worlds.

Tavern is a soon to be classic in fantasy literature and one that shows great promise to a new an up and coming author.

4.5 out of 5!

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