Book Review: Sukkubus of Khymeera by Joanna Noor


I’ve read and posted a review of book 1 recently. You can find it here!

Book 2 lived up to my expectations and delivered a fun filled adventure that began in book 1!
Starting from the beginning, I loved the cover. A beautiful piece, simple yet detailed. The image conjurers images of the fantasy world setting and instantly invokes an image of a powerful figure/warrior! The artist did an amazing job in creating the cover and this is a work of art. I even love the choice of coloring. This hue of green and blue mix is very reminiscent of magic and spellcraft. 5 Stars for the cover alone but the story matches the awesomeness of the cover.

The adventure picks up with Karl back in his home missing his days as Kock Rider Karli in the world of Khymeera. He wishes to go back, back to his life as Kari, as a Fu’taanari and to his princess, Ulva but for now he is trapped here on Earth. But is he? A stranger helps to get him back to Khymeera but it isn’t the world Karli left and now she must fight. New enemies, old enemies, new friends and old friends all show up in what is best described as one of the sexiest action adventure stories that you’ll find in literature!

As most of you know, I don’t like to give away to much of the book in my reviews. Just a taste and then we get to the review itself.

Mistress Joanna Noor has hit gold again with this new addition to The Saga of Karli Tarlbo. Her exquisite word play has been reintroduced in superb and humorous fashion. Karli herself is a Fu’taanari giving us the image of the futa genre. Gognads, Vagicians, Pu’ussy Kings and honesty I could go on but these give a good taste of Joanna’s skill with bringing a fantasy mindset to her world setting. Even the Kock, a dragon eagle hybrid, is delightfully written in a sexy but very functional way. The Kock is needed by Karli and a few others yet learning about them was a fun read.

Again, reading about Khymeera was beautiful. The setting is more than just imaginative and fun but it is also richly described. This is a immersion type of novel. Joanna is such a brilliant storyteller that it is easy to get lost in the world she has built. The details are subtle but open and easy to visualize.

The story is full of action, which helps counter balance the world building. I love world building, probably more than anyone else I know, but it can get to be too much at times. You will not find that here. The action is in perfect balance with the world building. You will not be bored! Let’s not forget that much of the action has a exciting and sexy backdrop.

If you are looking for a sexy, exciting and action packed story then this novel is for you! Make sure to read book 1 as well!
5 Stars!! starstarstarstarstar
Get Sukkubus of Khymeera here!

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