Cuisine in Fantasy Literature


These past 2 weeks I’e embarked on a culinary journey. I’ve been bread making!
Now for most of my friends, this isn’t too big of a shock. They are more shocked to learn that I’ve never baked bread before this. I’ve worked in many kitchens and I love to cook but this is a new venture for me. My current goal is to create foods based on the fantasy world I’ve built!

Part of this is because I love to cook but the other part is because I want to give a chance for the readers to feel the full immersion. That’s part of the reading experience.

With that in mind, please enjoy these quick little recipes and some of the story behind them.

In the dwarven kingdom of Panyakuta and throughout the Falcon Coast there is a popular style of bread that is baked and served with stews and soups. This is similar to rustic bread. Wheat flour, yeast, salt and water combined and allowed to sit for several hours before being kneaded into a mound. Then baked for half an hour to 45 mins. Halfway baked, the chef will add butter to the top and allowed to melt. This will help give the bread a golden crust to the top.

While this is a common addition for most meals and bread is a staple of life for peasants and nobles alike, some dishes are more regional.

In Panyakuta, there is a common stew known as cevus soppa. This is a deer stew made from the leg or shoulder of a deer, carrots, red potatoes and cabbage. The uncooked dear is rubbed with salt, pepper, crushed juniper, rosemary, oregano and garlic. The deer is seared in a pot over an open fire. Once the meat is seared, bone stock is added along with the carrots, potatoes and cabbage. Then a mixture of salt garlic and basil is stirred into the pot and allowed to boil. After an hour or two, depending on how long the potatoes take to cook, the stew is ready to serve.

The highlands near the mountains and the lower lying plains provide a great environment for deer to inhabit and for the hunts. That is why deer, rabbit and ram are staples of the dwarven cuisine.

In the Queendom of Amazon, the soup of choice is a seafood soup called ostrea stew. This is made with mussels, white wine, leeks and scallions. Often, chefs will add prawns or scallops but mussels are always in the stew. An herb mix of basil, marjoram, bay leafs and saffron is added for additional flavors. This flavorful stew is a favorite of Amazons and others along the Falcon Coast.

Seafood is plentiful for the coastal queendom and much of their economy relies on the ocean. However, the fields of crops provide a balanced cuisine for the warrior that call this area home.

An there you have two common dishes found among the people living in the fantasy world, localized around the Falcon Coast.

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  1. Wow, Joseph: nice world building and incredible attention to detail on the food! Thank you for pointing out this important detail of each story! Now, I must run and have second lunch -I’m starving!! 🙂
    Have a good weekend!

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