Journey Through the Kingdom #2

For this entry in the Journey Through the Kingdom series we will be looking at two cities. Ter Nog and Antei.

Ter Nog
Ter Nog – The Jewel of the Falcon Coast

Possibly the first true city to be built on the Falcon Coast, Ter Nog rose from being a small fishing village into a formidable seat of maritime power for generations. First settled by humans in the Dark Sea Age, Ter Nog is one of the oldest human settlements in the world. Chosen for its advantageous location, Ter Nog, boasts calm seas and deep harbors. This allows for more ships to dock within its borders, bringing with them more trade goods and gold. Soon the chieftains consolidated their bases of power and began to call the high chief, the King of the Deep.

For two ages the village grew into a powerful city built on maritime trade and it stood as the home of the King of the Deep, though they had as a ruling power spread out to other areas around the coast. However, in the Age of the Red Moon Ter Nog was conquered by the invading Yendis Empire and the King of the Deep was deposed by a Yendis governor. Still, the distance from Ter Nog to the Yedis Capital, that time in what is now Coronado, allowed the city to remain virtually independent. However, as the Yendis began to lose territory, their influence on the city grew, if only slightly.

At the dawn of the Carolyngian Age, the Gota took control of the city, the last city to fall to their army. Jarl Halga, the conqueror of the Ter Nog, and his descendants through a marriage with the Yendis ruling family, became known as the Seabane family. While their rule was short lasting only 200 years. After their failed rebellion, the youngest son of the Baron of Coldwood was granted the Barony of Ter Nog and he started a new family known as Harbor, which would last for several generations.

Through its lifetime, the city would face invasions and diseases but the city would always stand strong. Trade would still stay strong and this helped keep the kingdom prosperous. Influxes of cultures would find their way into the city, turning it into a vibrant and diverse metropolis. This is evident in the homes and buildings within the city walls. Many of the older homes retain the Yendis building style of stone but newer buildings match what would be seen in other nations, such as Kalisadad and Gotistan. Even some Zaragozan influence can be seen, notably in the lighthouse standing along the water front.

Our next stop is the Seat of the Barony of Antei – Antei.

Another city that started life as a small village. During the days of Yendis rule Antei was a small village, barely a stop on any of the roads but once the citizens joined with the conquering Gota, their lives began to change. Soon the citizens found that their position along newly built trade roads gave the an influx of wealth. One enterprising local, Gregory, found a way to tap into the large fresh water lake and river that was close by and began pumping water to the village through a well system. This earned him and his family the name of Goldwater and soon they were named barons of the region.

As more trade came into the barony, the city grew larger and more roads were built. To travel to or from Jovag, the Amazonian Queendom, Baronies of Pern (Ironhand), Lostwood, Greenfield or the Kingdom of Elysia (prior to the wars) without going through Antei. This gave them so much more power than before and the Goldwater family, masters of opportunity, have been Stewards of the King for many generations.

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