Journey Through the Kingdom #1


Welcome to Jovag, the capital of the Kingdom of Lotcala! This is Jovag as it looks in the 209th year of the Carolyngian Age during the events of In the Court of Dreams and Shadows.

Once known as Riga of the Yendis Empire, more of a fractured kingdom. It was built of stone during the Age of Sand, however some of the structures had been in place long before, possible as far back as the Arcane Age or maybe even the Dark Sea Age.

The city is in the northeast region of the Central Continent known as the Falcon Coast. This is due to its unusual shape, the silhouette of a falcon. The deep waters of the Falcon Coast is home to some of the wealthiest port cities in the world and the currents are known to be much more calm that those to the south and north.

The city of Jovag was built further inland and a top a small plateau and it backed up to the Blue Mountain Range. This was the site of the original city. Legends, however, speak of an ancient city deep within the mountains that was home to the beings that came before the elves and Quarmi did in the First Age. If true, this would have been in the time before the recorded ages began. However, many cultures talk of a mythical land hidden somewhere within the world, many pointing to the Central Continent.

The city was rechristened Jovag, after the legendary first king of the Treshan people, during the first year of the Carolyngian Age. Starting in that first year, King Theodorif I ordered the destruction of the Temple of Wohd, replaced with a Temple to the Creator and a Temple to the Old Gods. Many other stone structures were destroyed in order to build up the palace that had once been the seat of power for the Yendis rulers. This continued during Haakon’s reign with the building of the guildhouse for the local mages (Just south of the palace on the map). Around fifty years later, the eastern city wall was expanded by King Osgar I. Just on the inside of this wall is the impressive Grimwolf Castle, also built with re-purposed Yendis stones by King Osgar I. This castle overlooks the eastern gate and houses the King’s Guard as well as the local soldiers.

There are nine main roads and many smaller side streets and allies throughout the city. These have fountains positioned strategically with natural ground water running through them. This way the populace continues to have enough water for their needs. Five local markets dot the lands, while a main central market takes up the city center. These are the areas where residents will find exotic goods and some more local fares. Near the palace is the town hall, just south. Around the palace is the remnants of the Yendis structures still standing. These house dignitaries, mercantile offices and other kingdom administration functions.

Outside the walls near the eastern gate is the most fertile land of the area and several farming communities have sprung up to take advantage of the soil. This helps the city stay fed. These small communities will continue to grow as more and more of the city expands outward to the open fields to the east of Jovag.

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