Fantasy Author Interview!

Happy to have Deston Munden join me for my second interview!

Hello! I’m Deston Munden, author of the Dargath Chronicles and Dusk Mountain Blues, here again as a guest!

When did you begin writing?

From as young as I can remember. I played a lot of old school RPGs such as Pokemon, Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger when I was younger, so I would write down stories emulating those games. I didn’t get super serious about it until high school and didn’t think about it as a career until after college. I’ve always enjoyed writing. It started off as small stories and slowly began to expand into novels. I still have some of my old novels on flash drives and my hard drive. They are just as terrible as you may be thinking they are.

My official debut was earlier this year with Tavern. After raising money from GoFundMe, I took the dive into self-publishing. That was the scariest day of my entire life. Is Tavern perfect? No! But it’s something that got me started and I’m incredibly proud of it. I hope that my next novels are even better and blow my audience away.

What and/or who are your influences?

I have a lot of influences really. I’m going to stick to authors, directors, and games for now. Patrick Rothfuss, Nicholas Eames, Jonathan French, Brandon Sanderson and Scott Lynch are some of the biggest ones that influenced me as a fantasy author. As a creator in general, it’s the director Akira Kurosawa. I watched a lot of his samurai movies when I was growing up, so his directing and art style has a huge influence on my descriptions. Lastly, World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls influenced my fantasy worlds while Mass Effect and Red Dead Redemption influenced my scifi. Playing through those games, I still get bits and pieces of my world that gets filled in.

Favorite movie and book?

Here we go!

Books: King of the Wylds by Nicholas Eames, The Grey Bastards by Jonathan French, The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George RR Martin, Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi, the Stormlight Archives by Brandon Sanderson, Theft of the Sword by Michael J. Sullivan, Eye of the World by Robert Jordan, and the First Law series by Joe Abercombie.

Movies: Sanjuro, Seven Samurai, 47 Ronin, Red Beard, Lord of the Rings, Avengers Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok, Inception.

What drew you into the fantasy genre?

Being able to do something that you can’t do in our world. I often fantasize using magic or being a warrior that travels the land and beats the crap out of bad people. Fantasy was always my escape. People often ask me why I’m so into orcs and the answer is kinda sad. I was a sick kid, barely 85 pounds in high school. Orcs were big and strong and tough, able to swing powerful axes and wear all that heavy armor. So, I would sort of used them as inspiration to get through my day to day. Fantasy helped me get through the reality of my toughest times and hoped that it would get better.

Fantasy has so many amazing subgenres and worlds to get lost in. I picked up the Chronicles of Narnia when I was younger, and it was the first real look I had into fantasy. From there, I became obsessed. Even now, I geek out over anything fantasy related. Magic and fantasy races have always been the things I enjoy more. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good low-fantasy or grimdark, but there’s something extra amazing to me in the high fantasy genre. Maybe I just subconsciously want to be dropped into an alternate fantasy world.

Where do you see the fantasy genre going into the future and in how would you like to help get the genre there?

The fantasy genre is getting massive. With the success of Game of Thrones and the arrival of the Wheel of Time and the Witcher television shows, fantasy has been more mainstream than ever. With these, I hope that the fantasy genre is taken more seriously. It’s not just a genre that you consume and laugh at. It’s a serious art piece that is becoming more and more accepted throughout the world. I hope that I can bring my world into the limelight and show not only that fantasy is becoming popular but there are plenty of diverse fantasy authors in the world as well.

What is a goal that you have as an author?

My goal right now is to get as many good stories published as possible. Every year, I’m going to try to release one or two books and keep writing. I want to try to keep it simple. I want to make a living off this and provide for my friends and family that supported me to get to even where I am. As some minor goals, I want to have my first book signing, attend my first convention as a seller, meet some of my author buddies, and just learn and travel more to get inspiration.

If you weren’t an author what would be your dream job?

Video game designer. Hands down. It was my first choice. I decided that it wasn’t quite what I wanted to do after some thinking.

What is in store next for your fans?

Dusk Mountain Blues and Duke’s Brand. I’m sure that both titles are going to be amazing going into the next year. The hype for them is getting real. I’ve seen the cover for Dusk Mountain Blues and I’ve never been more excited for a reveal.

Thanks for having me, Joseph! Everyone else can follow me on the social media below.





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