Guest Blog with Deston J. Munden – Having Fun with Worldbuilding

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Hello! I’m Deston J. Munden and I’m a guest on my buddy’s blog and author of the Dargath Chronicles and the Dusk Orbit Blues series and I’m here to talk a little bit about worldbuilding. More specifically, how I go about making a world that’s fun and interesting. I can literally talk about this topic all day and if you want me to ramble more on it, I can try to put together something more in-depth in another post. For now, though we’re going to go with some simple worldbuilding ideas to get you started on creating your world. Let’s get this started, shall we?

The biggest component to any world for me isn’t the world itself, not at first, but the people inside of it. What type of people live in your world can determine a lot of things about your book such as the genre, the setting, the way people speak, the technology, etc. I tend to always start with a single character before I even have a world started and tend to build a world around them. I know that sounds a bit weird but hear me out. If you can decide on a character and their race and their abilities, you’ve started off with something that you can work with. I see a lot of people starting off with the origin of their world and that works for some people. For me, however, making a character can be the stepping-stone for the rest of the world. So, I’m gonna suggest you start there.

From there, I suggest finding the setting of the world. Start think little things first. What kind architecture does the world have? What kind of food does it have? Does it have magic or technology? What kind of things does that character you created above interacts with? As you build your world around the character, pieces will fall into place. Trust that you will develop essential pieces of your world organically. I see a lot of new writers try to plan for everything they develop in their story before even starting to write it. Get the bare bones first and work your way up!

Another thing is fill up your world with anything that you want (within reason). Try to keep within the genre that you are writing but if you want something in your world, put it in there. I’ve seen so often that people are like…can I put this thing in my fantasy world? My answer is: YES, yes you can! If you can explain it and it fits in the world with proper explanation, go for it! I have longboard/skateboards in my fantasy world and it’s a sport of the dragon people. If you can explain reasonably, trust that the readers will not care (I mean some are, but you can’t please everyone).

Diversify your world. This is mostly a problem within fantasy worlds. Just because you based your world off medieval Europe doesn’t mean that you must strictly stick to it. Try spicing it up a bit. Dive deep into other cultures and sprinkle in here and there. The big country and culture that I dove into last manuscript was Mexico and found myself learning a lot about both current and ancient Mexico to use in my fantasy world. Don’t be ashamed to try something new. Make it fun and interesting while also leaving more about people and cultures you probably didn’t know much about before. You might find a monster, weapon, or magic that you didn’t know existed in your world just by doing some research on ours.

The biggest thing is to enjoy yourself. I cannot stress this enough. Write what you enjoy. Do not, I mean do not, write to break the mold. You don’t have be original all the time. There are tropes that people enjoy and if you enjoy them in your story, go ahead. If it’s too convoluted of an explanation to make it’s original, keep it simple. It’s okay. Your execution should be as original as you can make it. Enjoy yourself and don’t stress about that.

Well, that’s it! I’m glad I can help. Please come visit me on my website:
If you enjoyed my tips, you might also enjoy my book! Thanks for coming by.

Be sure to check out Deston’s site and his book, available on Amazon, Tavern!Tavern

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