World Building Continued!


I made this! Yea, let’s not get too excited. This isn’t really anything to write home about but this is basic world building 101. Map out a fictional environment. Here I literally mapped out a fictional environment for use sometime in the future.

I won’t bore you with the details of techniques, not much there to be honest, but I’ll do a YouTube video with some more info like that soon.

Here I wanted to explain the basic idea of this map and how I figure what I want out therein. This map has it all in terms of landscapes. Mountains, with an eastern shade to indicate a later in the day time frame, lakes of calm waters and flowing rivers that drift down to the sea. There are a couple different areas of grasslands and some more fertile soils for farming. That is detailed in the crosshatched drawings by small settlements. Then there are those too, settlements. That is by far what I have the most trouble with in terms of drawing. I can talk all day about a settlement, the type of buildings that are there, the residents, the specialty foods sold in the inns and taverns. Maybe if there is a vibrant nightlife but drawing them, forget it. Here I took my time and penciled them in and then inked afterward. Took my time with it and even erased a couple that didn’t feel right.

Off to the east there is a windswept desert that just south of a major chasm. A mix of evergreen and deciduous trees help to set this area are being a more northern region.

I haven’t added any roads or town labels. Maybe later but for now this is my newly drawn out and designed world (region really). Thanks for reading!

If you want to see more of my maps then check out my YouTube videos! Be sure to like and subscribe for more!
My YouTube Maps!

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