Map Commissions are Open!

It is no secret but I love maps. I call myself a cartographer and to be honest I am aspiring in the craft but in my role as a fantasy author I have also held maps in high regard and I love to create them. In my years of playing around and designing maps for my friends and myself I have found many great resources and programs. All this I’ve incorporated into my own work for my own books.

Still, I have been wanting to help more people with map ideas and making maps. This has been in the area of designing or giving input but also in just the education of historical maps and the love of the artwork that goes into maps. I’m not the best at the craft but I’m always learning and practicing, as should we all.

That being said, I am proud to announce that Maps by Joseph is now open for business!
These maps will be custom made with a personal touch of not only a fan of cartography but also a fan of fantasy world builing!

Please stop by Maps by Joseph when you are ready to begin the journey into fantasy cartography.

For more info on my work please check out Maps, Maps Everywhere!

Joseph S Samaniego YouTube

I look forward to making maps for you soon!

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