Coffee: From a Writer’s Perspective.


Coffee is like a magic drink that gives us energy, serenity and life. It also tastes amazing! But not all coffees are created equal. Still this will not be a review as much as an informative post.

In my time not only as a writer but also as a mechanic, medical equipment delivery tech, or even when I was in retail, coffee has been a huge part of my life. When I was having gallbladder issues and everything I ate or drank would cause me intense pain, black coffee was the only thing that I could handle without any pain. Coffee is for me something that I can drank anytime of day, any temperature and in any way. So let’s take a more specific look at this wonderful drink of the gods!

As to personal favs, I enjoy a large array of blends and roasts. I like the Breakfast Blend that is often marketed and the blends of dark roast, sold by just about every company. I enjoy Starbucks and their selection of cold brews. However, I only get those once a week or so and I want to center this post around my usual choices.

Instant coffee is the refuge of the rushed and budget friendly. I drink this mostly at home because it’s so much more economical for me. It is a very much acquired taste and no where near as good as the best coffee shops but it can be good. The brands I usually buy, Nestle or Maxwell House, are a bit more frothy than other brands out there and I enjoy that extra bit of thickness. Still this is a later in the evening brew for me that I can enjoy while typing my manuscript.

Next up is the amazing Folgers 1850 brand. This brand is a stronger roast of coffee that comes in the bags and k-cups. I use this during my work day and will often share with like-minded coworkers who enjoy stronger blends. The 1850s will often come in a 16 k-cup pack at Target, who puts them on sale fairly often, so I can have a few extra to last me the week. The Black Gold, Trailblazer and Pioneer Blend are the three I’ve tried but they have a lighter one as well. Black Gold is my favorite and it gives that rich taste without the bitterness that some roasts have. None of the roasts from this series have been burned during roasting so you get the full coffee flavor with some hints of other blends such as chocolate for the Black Gold and nuts with the Trailblazer. A great coffee to enjoy during your work day and as you write your newest work in progress.

Lastly, Cafe Bustelo is my next go to. It is flavorful but not too strong. Great for after dinner with friends and often I save it for when friends do join me. Also available in bags and k-cups, I typically prefer this one in grounds that I brew in a traditional coffee maker. It fills the room quickly with the aroma of coffee leaving you wanting it even more. This is that perfect coffee for when you want to relax and enjoy a good book.

Coffee is a great drink to just sip and enjoy in peace or as your day just keeps getting busier and busier. Sometimes as writers we look to coffee almost comically but in the end so much credit could be given to that little bean for keeping our minds going. What are your thoughts?

Got a brand you’d like to share? Leave it in the comments…I’m always looking for new brands to try!

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