Movie Review: The Veil (2017 Film)

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For this blog post I’ll quickly review and discuss the William Levy film The Veil. It is a little known fantasy film that stars William Levy as the Warrior, Serinda Swan (Inhumans) as the princess and William Moseley (Chronicles of Narnia) as his friend/foil. The poster looks cool and its on Netflix so why not right? The basic premise of the film is that a warrior fantasy world is betrayed by his brothers in arms and saved by a princess. He then teaches her people to fight but something burns inside them and rivalries flare.

So let’s begin by saying that William Levy is a heartthrob actor from Spanish language telenovelas so that’s something of a draw for his fans and his soft but deep spoken lines did give his character a more brooding vibe which fit since at the beginning he is a warrior for an evil emperor. That’s about where the enjoyment ended. Levy just seemed out of place in a fantasy setting and as a warrior. He had the look but it felt like he should have been in a more charismatic role. He did brooding well but given his past work I think a role with more brevity would have been a good choice for him. His fight scenes were decent but heavily choreographed and some of the inexperienced showed but given that most of his fighting was actually him teaching former pacifists, it made some sense. What did not make sense was how fast they became harden warriors.

William Moseley, who is a great actor, seemed out of place as an antagonist. Sure he did it well but not enough was given to show why he felt the way he did as the vengeful foil. And here is the main drawback for me…a lack of backstory!

I’ll say this; they tried, and what they added was not too bad but there needed to be much more to it. There was a slain king that was good (maybe) and the emperor is the one that killed him prior to being emperor and then the princess is the emperors daughter and some how its all connected to the eclipse. That’s where it lost me. Another viewing and I’m sure I’d figure it out but I’m not sure I want to take that time.

What was done well for the back story is a fantasy world setting where an earth like planet and its moon join (or maybe an eclipse) and that seems to amplify the magic in the world. Moseley’s character wants it as does the emperor, who also wants Levy dead and the princess returned so she can be evil like him. There are some drugged/dream sequences that give some details into the history of the world as well as some flashbacks with Levy’s father, which give insights into the warriors past and motivations.

In all the film had potential with the cast and was premise. The setting was done very well but the acting wasn’t the best it could have been and the writing seemed to suffer from being a rushed story. While I’d say the posters for the film were misleading I’m not sure that we can say that 100% of posters are ever accurate. However, the film was jumbled together and the plot just didn’t flow very well. So to that I say The Veil earns 4/10.

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